10 Breathtaking Abstract Patterns Spotted in Nature

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Photographer Thorsten Scheuermann chooses to focus on the patterns and textures found within hills, rocks, trees, rivers and more in a series that reveals nature in a beautiful way. It really is incredible to see these naturally forming patterns that normally go unnoticed by many.

From mountain ranges viewed from far away to bubbles and cracks in mud viewed from up close, nothing escapes the photographers eye.

1. Rainbow Mountains

abstract patterns nature china

Danxia Landform Geological Park, China.

2. Ice Bubbles

abstract patterns nature ice

Columbia River Gorge, Oregon, USA.

3. Born in Fire


Big Island, Hawaii, USA.

4. Clear as Mud

abstract patterns nature mud

Alvord Desert, Oregon, USA.

5. Capillaries

abstract patterns nature river

California, USA.

6. Suction

abstract patterns nature suction

Seattle Aquarium, Washington, USA.

7. Sunset

abstract patterns nature sunset

Kirkland, Washington, USA.

8. Tendrils

abstract patterns nature tendrils

Palo Alto, California, USA.

9. Sequoia Light

abstract patterns nature tree

Sequoia National Park, California, USA.

10. Burning Trees

abstract patterns nature trees

Leavenworth, Washington, USA.

Source: thorstenscheuermann.com

h/t fubiz.net