7 Things That Need to Stay in 2014

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Now that 2015 is here if we could just leave these things in 2014 that would be great.

1. The word BAE. Not only is it a terrible looking word when read on a computer screen or mobile phone it's even worse when someone actually says it out loud.


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2. YOLO. As true as it might be this saying made popular by Drake was probably dreamt up whilst he was flying halfway around the world on a private jet, a true baller, something you are not.


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3. Selfie Sticks. The fact that these are now a thing is all that needs to be said. What is better than a selfie stick? having a real human to take photo for you. They are the pinnacle of modern vanity.


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4. Saying the word hashtag instead of using one. #pleasestop


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5. These have become so overused that 'Keep Calm' posters are no longer cool. So stop using them to motivate yourself through the most simple of tasks.

keep calm

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6. Frozen. It was good and still is but as many parents will agree, it's about time that Disney released something else for kids to overwatch. It's about time that we 'Let it go'.


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7. Emoji Clothing. It's bad enough that Emoji's exist in messages so there is no need to wear them as well.

emoji clothing

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