15 Signs Improved by Hilarious Graffiti

Generally speaking, vandalism is a big problem that should be looked down upon. Here at Blazepress we fully support some of the amazing work street artists do, providing that it doesn’t damage other peoples property. That being said, sometimes their are a few exceptions – such as these 15 signs.

They are still readable, but they have been given a cheeky touch that instantly makes them hilarious.

1. The new way to get bacon.

2. The truth isn’t so sweet.

3. Give me all your money!

4. Let’s not even go there.

5. God has a flan for you.

6. Clever street art.

7. Clearly you’re doing it wrong.

8. Mel Gibson.

9. Spoiler Alert!

10. A serious poster turned into something humorous.

11. Ninja Entry.

12. Use Rosswalk.

13. Stating the obvious.

14. Billposters is innocent!

15. Not Photoshop.

Images via funnyordie.com

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