18 Insane and Unusual Weather Phenomena’s That Are Actually Real

You can hardly believe these strange and unusual weather phenomena’s are actually real. Some of the you will be familiar with, whilst others will leave you amazed. Our favourite is the Catatumbo Lightning that occurs at the Catatumbo River in Venezuela.

1. Frost Flowers in the Arctic Ocean

Photo by Jeff S.Bowman

These frost flowers in the Arctic ocean form from imperfections on the surface of the ice in sub-zero temperatures, normally around the -20C mark. The spikes have been found to contain microorganisms making them temporary miniature ecosystems similar to coral reef.

2. Brinicle

Photo via huffingtonpost

First discovered in the 1960’s a brinicle forms below sea ice when a flow of very cold saline water meets an area of ocean water forming the equivalent of an underwater icicle.

3. Fire Whirls

Photo via imgur.com

Also known as fire devils or fire tornadoes this terrifying looking weather forms when intense rising heat and strong winds combine together. Sometimes they can form a tornado like structure that suck up burning debris and gases but luckily for us they rarely form full blown tornados.

4. Glory

Photo via wherecoolthingshappen.com

A glory is an optical illusion similar to a rainbow although it resembles a halo shape instead. It occurs as light tunnels through air inside rain droplets and then emits lights backwards.

5. Sun Dogs

Photo via nationalgeographic.com

Sun Dogs are halos that occur when light interacts with ice particles in the atmosphere.

6. Asperatus Clouds

Photo via weirdworldwonders.com

This type of cloud formation might look like the world is about to end but Asperatus Clouds usually dissipate without the formation of a storm.

7. Lenticular Clouds

Photo via atmospheric-phenomena.blogspot.co.uk

Lenticular Clouds have a round disc shape that has actually meant they have been the explanation for some UFO sightings. The stationary clouds normally form in perpendicular alignment to the wind direction.

8. Sprites, Elves and Blue Jets

Photo via extremeinstability.com

Sprites, Elves and Blue Jets are colourful patches in the sky that form as a result of electrical charges in the atmosphere.

9. Volcanic lightning

Photo by Marco Fulle

This rare phenomenon otherwise known as a Dirty Thunderstorm is caused by rock fragments, ash and ice particles from the volcanic plume colliding together to generate a thunderstorm.

10. Mammatus Clouds

Photo via iamlilith.com

Photo via netdost.com

Mammatus clouds form as pouches on the underside of the cloud. Depending on the levels of moisture in the cloud, some pouches will sink lower than others which causes the hanging and drooping effect.

11. Waterspouts

Photo via Unknown

Waterspouts form over bodies of water such as oceans. Whats surprising though is that the vortex does not suck up any water and is made entirely of condensation.

12. Catatumbo Lightning

Photo via reversehomesickness.com

Catatumbo lighting gets its name from the river that it commonly occurs at, Catatumbo River in Venezuela. The storm occurs 160 days a year on average and can last 10 hours a day. Not somewhere you would want to relax.

13. White rainbows

Photo via rainbowlodge-inn.com

Even though they are called rainbows, White Rainbows actually form in fog. Condensation doesn’t reflect much light so as a result the colours given off are weak, creating a ghostly rainbow.

14. Penitentes

Photo via alittlebithigher.wordpress.com

This unusual snow formation can be found at very high altitudes. At these high altitudes ice can be turned into vapor by the sun before it is melted. Some areas are effected differently meaning patches of jagged spikes start to form, eventually there is a whole field left of spikes.

15. Morning Glory

Photo via geog.ucsb.edu

Photo via Unknown

Morning glory clouds are so rare that very little is known about them. Although if they do occur it will likely be in the small town of Burketown in Australia.

16. Moonbow

Photo via Wikipedia

A Moonbow otherwise known as a Lunar or Space Rainbow occurs when light reflects off the surface of the moon and refracts off of moisture in the atmosphere and clouds. They tend to be a lot fainter than a traditional rainbow due to the amount of light given off of the moon.

17. Supercells

Photo via susanspiritusgallery.com

A Supercell is a thunderstorm taken to another level and is normally classed as a supercell when there is the presence of a persistently rotating updraft. Overall a supercell is the least common of all thunderstorms and they have the potential to do the most damage.

18. Fire Rainbows

Photos via DailyMail

The name commonly given to them is thought of as misleading as a ‘Fire Rainbow’ has nothing to do with rainbow or fire. The phenomenon you see above is actually an optical illusion formed by plate-shaped ice crystals.

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