35 Questions That Will Make You Question Your Life

Earth, our galaxy and the entire universe. If you sit there and take it all in for a second its actually pretty hard to even comprehend. These 35 amazing questions that will make you question life and sentences will cause you to question your entire existence.

List of questions that will make you question your life and entire existence 

  1. You are the same age as the universe because matter can never be created or destroyed 

2. There exists an area so unfathomably large that humans simply refer to it as ” space “

3. Considering how big the universe is, there are probably space battles going on somewhere right now

4. When the first child is born on Mars, we will have to add planet of birth to our passports 

5. There’s only one sunset, and it’s been going around the earth for billions of years.

6. Instead of looking up into the sky, you’re actually gazing down into the infinite cosmic abyss, with only gravity holding you to the surface of the earth.

7. You have never been in the same physical place twice since the earth, solar system and galaxy are all moving through space. 

8. If someone 50 years ago were told that there would one day only be eight planets, they would think something incredibly exciting happened. 

9. Somewhere out there, in the infinite expanse of the universe, there is a planet whose night sky has a penis constellation. 

10. It takes a whole ocean and the moon to erase your mere footprint on the sand.

11. At one point you were the youngest being in the entire universe 

12. Aliens invaded the moon on July 20th, 1969

13. Everything we eat is processed sunshine 

14. If people on a planet 65 million light years away look at earth, they see dinosaurs. 

15. Not all starlight is the same age, some of it is millions or even billions of years apart even though it hits your eye at the same time. So the night sky isn’t a single moment in the universe but rather a patchwork of time billions of years in breadth. 

16. Eventually the human race will develop to a point when we shoot sci-fi films in actual space

17.We’ve named our entire galaxy after the secretion of a cow’s udders. 

18. Life on Earth is the cosmic equivalent of what happens when you don’t store things in a cool dry place.

19. Every year, everybody on Earth collectively experiences more years than the Earth has existed

20. If you’re watching a sunset, someone on the other side of the Earth is watching the same sunrise 

21. We might not be the first species to get this far

22. Do your dreams have deeper meanings?

23. Why do you do good deeds? The real reason

24. What would you prefer: Losing all your memories or not being able to make new ones?

25. If you didn’t need money, what job would you do?

26. How do you even know your memories are true? Does it even matter?

27. Do you belive in soulmates? Why? And why not?

28. Do you think life is a computer simulation? Matrix?

29. If beauty is in the eye of the beholder, what is reality?

30. Who decides what the right thing is?

31. Was math created or just discovered?

32. Can humans cry underwater?

33. If you only had 1 week to live, what would you do?

34. Do you think it’s possible for people to be happy all the time?

35. At what point does working for a better life becomes the life you tried to avoid?

Wow, these got me thinking, I hope you too. Please share with your friends who need some questioning in their life.

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