21 Beautifully Twisted Wire Sculptures

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Wire is an incredibly easy material to sculpt with as it can be bent and reshaped easily, allowing it to take on a variety of forms. Depending on the way it is manipulated it can make for a strong bold sculpture or even one that looks completely weightless. It comes as no surprise that many artists choose to use it as a favourite medium. Here are 21 beautifully twisted wire sculptures.

1. Air Force One

air force one

via jonathan chaillou

2. Angel


via Richard Stainthorp

3. Wire Animals

animal wire sculptures

via Ivan Lovatt

4. Corpus Callosum


via Gavin Worth

5. Deer Into the Wind


via olive15

6. Fairy Sculptures Dancing With Dandelions

fairytale sculptures 1

fairytale sculptures 2

via Robin Wight

7. Forest Moon

forest moon

via Richard Stainthorp

8. 14ft Red Giraffe


via Elizabeth Berrien

9. Iron Wire Ants

iron wire ants

via David Vanorbeek Sculptor

10. Majestic Tree

majestic tree 1

majestic tree

via WireWood

11. Male Lion

male lionwire

via Kendra Haste

12. Upside Down Kneeling, Wire Sculpture 2008

snow wire sculpture

via SophieRyder

13. Talking Heads Wire Sculpture

talking heads

via Jaume Plensa

14. Talons Aiguilles

talons aiguilles

via jonathan chaillou

15. Tang Horse

tang horse

via Elizabeth Berrien

16. Wire Octopus

wire octopus

via ID Wire Artworks

17. Wire Portrait

wire sculptures 1

via Seung Mo Park

18. Wirework Montage, 2014

wirework montage

via Elizabeth Berrien

19. Wolf


via Ivan Lovatt

20. Wire Woman

woman wire sculpture

via Richard Stainthorp

h/t boredpanda.com