22 Awesome Pieces of Furniture Every Cat Owner Will Love

If you were looking for gift ideas for your cat then look no further than these 22 awesome pieces of furniture. You’ve probably already covered the basics of small toys for them to play with so if you want to take it a step further these pieces of furniture designed specifically with cats in mind are a great place to start.

Now we understand that not everyone is going to have room for all of these and some of them look incredibly expensive but don’t worry there is something for everyone here, from unusual cat beds to elaborate mazes that even run around the outside of the house.

All in One Cat Bathroom

via elipsdesign.com

Cat Burger Bed

via Petz Route

Cat Cabinet

via modernistcat

Cat Coffee Table with a Hammock

via Koichi Futatsumata

Cat Scratch Board and Table

via modernistcat

Cat Crib Hammock

via catcrib.com

This Amazing Cat Transit System

via Trillium Enterprises

Cat Friendly Shelf

via Corentin Dombrecht

Overhead Cat Playground

via Goldtatze

Cat Teepee House

via Loyal Luxe

Cat Transit System

via Because We Can

Disguised Cat Side Table

Grass Table Cats

via Emily Wettstein

Indiana Jones Cat Bridge

via CatastrophiCreations

Mini Cat Bedroom

via Lisbonite

Outdoor Cat Walkway

via nekomomo

Pet and Human Rocking Chair

via Paul Kweton

Pet Egg Pod

via Pei Pod

Play Table for Cats

via LYCS

Radiator Cat Bed

via amazon.com

Scratch and Snooze Bed

via SouthPawCats

Shark Pet Bed

via Amazon

h/t boredpanda.com

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