The 23 Strangest Books Ever Made

If books are meant to educate people then after seeing these you will lose all hope entirely. From books that inform you on how to sharpen pencils to guides on how to be awesome, here are 23 of the strangest books to ever be printed.

1. We knew it all along.

via Theo Nicole Lorenz

2. This guy is so heading to jail.

via Robert Bach

3. ‘Hairstyle of the Gods’

via Mark Larson and Barney Hoskyns

4. Step One: Put down this book.


5. For the hopeless romantics.

via Lynda Evans

6. Holy Dancing.

via Sam Stall

7. Ghetto Gourmet.

via Coolio

8. A question as old as time itself.

via David Evans

9. Over 2.5 million copies sold!?

via Kathleen Meyer

10. Effective way?

via Hiroyuki Nishigaki

11. Identifying stray shopping carts.

via Julian Montague

12. The only book you will ever need.

via Benrik Limited

13. The worlds most extreme sport.

via Phil Shaw

14. Incase you needed to know.

via Melissa Haynes

15. Crafting with cat hair.

via Kaori Tsutaya

16. “Breathtaking”

via Reepah Gud Wan

17. For those interested in bird poo.

via Peter Hansard/Burton Silver

18. Because cooking with an oven is too mainstream.

via Chris Maynard/Bill Scheller

19. Urine Therapy.

via PP Powers

20. Important questions that need to be answered:

via Chet Fleming

21. The definitive guide to sharpening pencils.

via John Hodgman

22. The irony is strong with this one, ERNEST.

via Ernest Vincent Wright

23. Latawnya the naughty horse.

via Sylvia Scott Gibson

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