27 Hilarious Notes from Kids Who Tell It like It Is

When you are a kid you are innocent and with that innocence comes freedom and naivety that allows you to say anything and everything that comes to mind. Imagine if we did this as adults… we wouldn’t have any friends at all.

Luckily though we can keep our thoughts to ourselves and enjoy laughing at some of the hilariously inappropriate things kids say and do.

1. “I put this on the fridge because I know you are fat”

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2. This kid who has mastered the art of forging signatures

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3. This kid who loves dad for his cat caring capabilities

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4. “I am sorry your about to die.”

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5. An honest opinion on dads worst habit

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6. Bad news worded in the nicest possible way

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7. “My daughter’s list in case anything happens to her older brother”

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8. This smart answer

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9. This kid already understands adult life

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10. This honest review

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11. “I see my assassins have failed.”

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12. “I tutor at an elementary school and one of the kids had this”

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13. “My kid was a bit upset with our WiFi having a password”

14. “My penis is a goat”

15. You probably shouldn’t go in here

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16. This kid wastes no time getting to the point

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17. This plea with the Tooth Fairy

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18. This hilarious confession

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19. This kid who is determined not to have a good day

20. “I’m sad you’re living.”

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21. But Vs. Butt

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22. This terrifying realisation

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23. This honest review of a sibling

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24. Well at least she is honest

25. Still a better love story than Twilight

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26. Timmy is going to miss the hoe

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27. This kid knows right from wrong

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