27 Pictures That Will Put an Instant Smile on Your Face

If you are having a bad day then this is exactly what you need. These 27 pictures will instantly make you feel good and put a smile on your face. You really cannot help but feel good about these:

1. This Awesome Teacher

2. This Proposal

3. This Cat That Cannot Resist Some Treats

4. This Cute Keepsake

5. What This Little Girl Did to the Toilet Seat

6. This Man and His Dog

7. Elephant and Sea Lion Making Friends

8. The Trusty Guard Dog

9. This Dog Who Just Wants Some Love

10. A Beautiful Moment Captured Forever

11. This Dogs Special Socks

12. This True Gentleman

13. This Reaction

14. This Marriage Proposal

15. This Kind Note

16. This Little Boys Reaction to Seeing the Moon

17. This Cat Protesting Against a Walk

18. This Dog and Its Expensive Bed

19. This Attempt at Battling Chocolate Addiction

20. Grandparents Playing Angry Birds

21. Grandad and His Dogs

22. This Dog Living Life to the Full

23. The Karate Bunny

24.  the Way This Dog Likes to Ride in the Car

25. This Love Story

26. This Totally Awesome Dad

27. Gingers Forever

Images via utopialock.net

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