28 Shocking Photos That Show How Bad the Pollution Is in China

China is an amazing place with some truly spectacular natural landscapes but unfortunately in the more populated areas those landscapes are being blighted by unregulated and uncontrolled pollution. Cities such as Beijing have become well known for their smog problem that hangs around almost permanently.

No regulation coupled with rapid industrial expansion has lead to the photos you see below. Chinas leaders have promised to clean up their act and try to reduce air pollution in order to give China the best future possible. Although it’s easy to judge a problem not on our own soil, we are all somewhat responsible for the pollution too.

1. A Woman Walking through the Streets of Beijing. Here the Small Particle Pollution Is 40 times over the National Safety Standard.

2. Tourists Smile for the Camera in Front of a Fake Hong Kong City Skyline

via Molly Smith

3. Two Fishermen Row Their Boat through Chaohu Lake in Hefei, Anhui Province

via Jianan Yu

4. A Man Clearing Dead Fish from a Lake in Wuhan, Central China’s Hubei Province

via Reuters

5. Buildings in Beijing Engulfed in Smog

via China FotoPress

6. Child Drinking Water from a Stream in Fuyuan County, Yunnan Province

via Reuters

7. A Worker Trying to Clean up Oil from Water, Dalian, Liaoning

via Reuters

8. A Young Boy Swimming through Algae Filled Waters in Qingdao, Shandong

via Reuters

9. A Woman Takes a Sample from the Red Waters of the Jianhe River

via Reuters

10. Workers Trying to Drain Sewage from a Leaking Sewage Tank, Shanghang, Fujian

via Reuters

11. A Terrible View of the Not so Great Wall of China

via Sa Cha

12. A Child Swimming in a Polluted Reservoir, Pingba

via Reuters

13. A Young Boy Trying to Avoid Rubbish on a Flooded Street in Shantou, Guangdong Province

via Reuters

14. Heavy Pollution from a Factory in Yutian, 100km East of Beijing

via Peter Parks

15. A Woman Collects Plastic Bottles from a River Contaminated by Red Dye

via lu palmerini

16. A Dead Fish in Blueish Algae Filled Waters, East Lake, Wuhan

via Reuters

17. Workers Cleaning up Rubbish on the Yangtze River

via Reuters

18. A Waste Pipe Flowing into the Yangtze River

via William Hong

19. A Heavily Polluted River in Jiaxing, Zhejiang

via Reuters

20. A Young Boy Jumps over Rubbish at a Village in Jiaxing

via William Hong

21. A Factory Spewing out Smoke and Polluting the Air

via Reuters

22. A Fisherman Holds Water from an Algae-Filled Chaohu Lake in Hefei

via Reuters

23. A Woman Walking on a Bridge over Polluted Waters in Wenzhou, Zhejiang Province

via Carlos Barria

24. Fishermen Collect Fish from a Polluted River in Beijing

via David Gray

25. Workers Collecting Dead Fish at a Park in Shenzhen, Guangdong Province

via Reuters

26. A Fisherman Wading through Algae in Chaohu Lake

via Reuters

27. Locals Looking at a Heavily Polluted River in Zhugao, Sichuan Province

via independent.co.uk

28. Smog in Beijing.

via Brielle Cardieri

via boredpanda.com

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