29 Cute Cats That Have Morphed into 'Cat Loaves'


These 28 cute cats have positioned themselves in such a way that they have morphed into 'Cat Loaves' that look good enough to eat. Apparently a cat loaf is a real thing and occurs when a cat sits with all four paws tucked underneath itself at which point a cat load is born!

1. Warm Cat Loaf

cat loaf 1

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2.Cat Loaf Taking a Rest

cat loaf 2

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3. Nope. No Newspaper for You Today

cat loaf 3

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4. Perfectly Baked

cat loaf 4

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5. Chilling on the Rug

cat loaf 5

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6. Nothing Better than a Glass of Wine and Loaf of Bread

cat loaf 6

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7. Leopard Loaf

cat loaf 7

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8. "What You Looking At?"

cat loaf 8

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9. "If It Fits I Sits"

cat loaf 9

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10. Loaf on the Lawn

cat loaf 10

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11. Trying to Figure out What This Scary Human Device Is

cat loaf 11

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12. This Loaf Blocking the Doorway

cat loaf 12

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13. iLoaf

cat loaf 13

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14. Batloaf

cat loaf 14

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16. Sleeping Loaf

cat loaf 15

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17. Grumpy Cat Loaf

cat loaf 16

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18. The "I've Completely given up" Loaf

cat loaf 17

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19. The Twin Loaf

cat loaf 18

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20. The Thin Sliced Loaf

cat loaf 19

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21. The Bath Loaf

cat loaf 20

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22. The Sliced in Half Loaf

cat loaf 21

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23. The Packaged Loaf

cat loaf 22

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24. The Bedroom Loaf

cat loaf 23

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25. Snooker Table Loaf

cat loaf 24

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26. The 'Majestic' Loaf

cat loaf 25

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27. Fresh Out of the Oven

cat loaf 26


28. Can You Spot the Cat Loaf?


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29. Ridiculously Adorable Loaf

cat loaf 28

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h/t Distractify