This App Lets You Help the Blind to See

‘Be My Eyes’ might just be the feel good app of the year. The app aims to create a ‘network of eyes’ from those who are able to see and then connect them with the blind via live video chat anywhere in the world. By doing so, everyday tasks that many of us take for granted can be made easier for those who struggle to see, such as reading a question on a form or navigating new surroundings.

Those who sign up as helpers will receive a notification for help and then a live video connection is established. From that point on the volunteer will be able to assist. Be My Eyes is a non profit that just wants to make the world a better place. As the founder Hans Jørgen Wiberg says:

“It’s my hope that by helping each other as an online community, Be My Eyes will make a big difference in the everyday lives of blind people all over the world”

This app will let you make someones day that little bit better and it won’t cost you anything other than a few seconds of your time.

Download the App Here

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