Artist Shows That World Leaders Are Just like the Rest of Us


World leaders have to make some very tough decisions on a daily basis and because we seem them in their positions of power we often forget that they are people too. Artist Cristina Guggeri has created a series of images called “The Daily Duty,” which remind us that they are human too.

The series imagines what some of the worlds most famous leaders might look like when they go about their 'Daily Duty'. The results are interesting to say the least, but it certainly does what the artist set out to do which is put world leaders on a human level.

world-leaders-pooping 1

world-leaders-pooping 2

world-leaders-pooping 3

world-leaders-pooping 4

world-leaders-pooping 5

world-leaders-pooping 6

world-leaders-pooping 7

world-leaders-pooping 8

world-leaders-pooping 9

Source: cristinaguggeri.weebly.comFacebook

h/t boredpanda