22 Astonishing Examples of Long Exposure Photography


Long exposure photography reveals makes for some incredible photos that would otherwise go unseen by the human eye. Take the first photo for example, the photo shows fireflies lighting up an otherwise dark woodland area, creating a truly spectacular scene.

Long exposure photographs are achieved by using a manual shutter speed that allows the shutter to stay open longer than normal. The result is that fast moving objects become blurs or trails and the smallest of light sources such as the fireflies are amplified. Here are 22 astonishing examples of long exposure photography.

fireflies 1

Photo by Yume Cyan

long exposure photography 2

Photo by David Mar Quinto


Photo by Tsuneaki Hiramatsu

long exposure photography 8

Photo by particle-fountain

fireworks 1

Photo by Alan Sailer


Photo by David Johnson


Photo by Sean Lenz and Kristoffer Abildgaard

golden wave

Photo by David Orias

kayaking light

Photo by Stephen Orlando

long exposure photography 3

Photo by Mark Burban


Photo by Dennis Calvert

planes taking off

Photo by Terence Chang

red head lamp

Photo by Tristan O'Tierney

long exposure photography 1

Photo by Matt Granz

rotating helicopter blades

Photo by Andreas Feininger

long exposure photography 7

Photo by Te-Wei Liu

long exposure photography 4

Photo by Andres Caldera

star trails bursting

Photo by Lincoln Harrison

star trails

Photo by Don Pettit, NASA

long exposure photography 5

Photo by Dennis Calvert

swirling light

Photo by Martin Kimbell

long exposure photography 6

Photo by 1px.com