With Computer Loading Bars This Creative Waiting Wouldn't Be a Problem

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If there is one thing that we can all agree on it's that progress or loading bars are terrible things. They serve as visual reminders that you can't do anything else other than wait for whatever it is you are doing, whether it's uploading, downloading or just installing a program.

So how can you solve an inevitable problem such as loading bars? well graphic designer Viktor Hertz might have come up with a brilliant solution. In a series titled “Works in Progress Bars” he has used the already familiar layout of the progress bar and added in small quirks such as lightsabers and even references to The Walking Dead.

It's only a slight change, but it might just be enough to make waiting around that little bit easier.

fun progress bar 9

fun progress bar 1

fun progress bar 2

fun progress bar 3

fun progress bar 4

fun progress bar 5

fun progress bar 6

fun progress bar 7


Source: viktorhertz.com

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