Elegant Photographs Capture the Beauty of Frozen Bubbles


Every year when the cold weather of winter begins, photographer Angela Kelly goes outside and starts photographing the most unlikely of subjects, revealing an unseen before beauty that you could never have imagined.

The Washington-based photographer blows small bubbles in sub zero temperatures and then lets them begin to freeze, capturing the process with her camera. The result is a beautiful series titled Life in a Bubble in which bubbles appear like glass ornaments. With every bubble comes a new pattern, shape and outcome as no two are the same.

For more photos visit the photographers website or Flickr.

frozen bubble 1

frozen bubble 2

frozen bubble 3

frozen bubble 4

frozen bubble 5


frozen bubble 7

frozen bubble 8

frozen bubble 9

frozen bubble 10

frozen bubble 11

frozen bubble 12

frozen bubble 13

Source: kellyimagesandphotography.webs.com, Flickr

h/t mymodernmet.com