Famous Movie Scenes Recreated in 8-Bit GIFs


Artist Dusan Cezek recreates famous and iconic movie scenes and characters in a charming and fun series titled ‘Pixelwood’. The artist uses a distinct 8-bit pixel style and GIFs to animate the movies scenes giving them an appearance that wouldn't look out of place in an 80's video game. Our favourite one has to be ‘Pulp Fiction’.


8 bit movie scenes moon

Pulp Fiction


Shaun of the Dead

8 bit movie scenes shaun of the dead

The Big Lebowski

8 bit movie scenes the big lebowski

The Fifth Element

8 bit movie scenes the fifth element

The Life Aquatic

8 bit movie scenes the life aquatic

All images © Dusan Cezek

Source: najboljidizajn.com

h/t inspiration-now.com