Five People That Were Born in the 1800's and Are Still with Us

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The secret to longevity still isn't clear, some think that it could be linked to your DNA whilst a lot of other factors point towards a healthy lifestyle and positive outlook on life - either way these five women must be doing something right as they are all over 115 years of age and still here with us today.

Each of them was born in the late 1800's and during that time they have seen the world change. When they were born airplanes were not invented and neither was the television. A lot has happened in their lifetime including two World Wars.

Whats their secret? well apparently getting enough sleep, staying active and exercising everyday. They also have an advantage because women tend to live longer. Here are the five oldest women in the world.

Susannah Mushatt Jones from the United states was born July 6, 1899, making her 115-years-old.

worlds oldest people susannah mushatt jones 1



Misao Okawa From Japan was born March 5, 1898 making her the oldest living person in the world at 116-years-old.

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worlds oldest people misao okawa 2


116-Year-Old Gertrude Weaver is the oldest living person in America born on July 4, 1898.

worlds oldest people gertrude weaver


115-year-old Emma Morano from Italy is the oldest living person in Europe, born November 29, 1899.

worlds oldest people emma morano 1


Jeralean Talley from the United States is 115-years-old, born May 23, 1899.

worlds oldest people jeralean talley


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