This Guys Best Friend Is a Bear and Its the Cutest Bromance Ever

Casey Anderson is an animal trainer who found two bear cubs beside their dead mother. He instinctively had to help them. What happened next was a complete surprise to everyone. Sadly one of the cubs didn’t make it, but the other one did. The most unlikely of friendships was born… and it turned into the bromance of the century.

Casey tried his best to save both cubs but despite his best efforts one of them didn’t make it. 

He was determined to make sure the surviving pup didn’t suffer the same fate so he adopted him and named him ‘Brutus’.

Brutus grew up only knowing Casey as a father.

It was Casey’s experience as an animal trainer that stopped Brutus growing up to be deadly. Instead he grew up as one of the family!

Years passed and their relationship only grew stronger.

Casey started out as a parent, but developed into more of a friend rather than a father figure.

Suddenly a bromance was born.

Brutus started coming to family gatherings. Everyone excepted that wherever Casey goes Brutus goes too.

Which meant Brutus also went to Casey’s wedding.

So when Casey’s wife married him, she got a lot more than she bargained for.

She seemed pretty happy about it though.

When the two of them want bro time they go fishing together.

But they also like other activities too.

And like true men they enjoy nothing more than eating what they’ve just caught.

Casey and Brutus share a unique friendship that proves its whats on the inside that counts.

Looking at the pair of them play together you would never know that wild bears could kill humans.

And you would never think that humans hunt and kill bears either.

Their relationship shows that true friendship and love knows no boundaries.

It shouldn’t matter what you look like.

Or even how hairy you are.

It’s whats on the inside that counts.

And thats what true friendship is about.


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