The Microsoft HoloLens Will Upgrade Your Life to Another Level of Cool

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Not long after Microsoft announced Google Glass was a no go, they have just revealed what they have been working on instead, the HoloLens. The wearable glasses are a cross between Oculus Rift and a pair of cool looking sunglasses and aim to to use augmented reality to break down the barrier between us and technology. Using the front room as a video game playground, 3D modelling and being able to visualise your creations in real time and being to browse the web virtually without any actual hardware other than the headset are just some of the impressive features promised.

One of the Microsoft team in the video remarks that "this is the PC of the future." Understandably there are many skeptics who expect the actual technology to be far less capable and smooth as the one promised in the video. Despite this, journalists who have experienced the HoloLens first hand say that the range of apps available and the overall experience is very impressive. Head over to the Verge to see what they think.

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Watch another video here to learn more about the HoloLens.