These Owls Perfectly Blend into Their Surroundings

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If  owls didn't have eyes then you wouldn't even see them. Captured by photographer Graham McGeorge these owls are quite literally the masters of disguise. They typically nest inside naturally forming cavities such as holes in trees where there amazing feathers help them blend into the bark.

Their incredible camouflage isn't the only reason you often don't see owls either as they are actually nocturnal creatures that sleep by day and come out at night to hunt small prey such as mice. Graham has won multiple awards for the first picture below including the Merit Prize for the 2013 National Geographic Traveler Contest.

Capturing these photographs takes a lot of patience as owls are naturally shy. Some photographers 'bait' owls to capture photographs of them but Graham believes this is unethical which it is - doing so can damage the owls health. Instead he waits for long periods of time, dedicated to capturing the perfect shot.

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camouflaged owls 2

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Camouflaging Owl

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