These Urban Climbers Risked Their Lives to Take These Astonishing Photos

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Scaling some of the tallest man made structures in the world with absolutely no safety equipment doesn't sound like fun to most of us, but for a few thrill seekers there is no other experience like it. Scaling skyscrapers and buildings in cities is an illegal activity, but these climbers normally plan the times they will make their ascent to minimise the risk of getting caught.

Luckily for us whilst they are up there they have time to take photographs from the very top. These photos offer us a spectacular view that we would otherwise never see. Just looking at these photos is enough to make you say nope.

Climbing the Tallest Building in China, the Shanghai Tower


shanghai tower 2

shanghai tower 3

shanghai tower 4

shanghai tower 5

shanghai tower 6

shanghai tower 7


Scaling Buildings in Hong Kong

hong kong free climbing 1

hong kong free climbing 2

hong kong free climbing 3

hong kong free climbing 4

hong kong free climbing 5


Climbing the Tallest Building in the UK, The Shard

free climbing the shard 1

free climbing the shard 2

free climbing the shard 3

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Mercury City Tower in Russia, the Tallest Building in Europe

mercury city tower in russia 1

mercury city tower in russia 2

mercury city tower in russia 3

mercury city tower in russia 4

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Berlin, Germany.

berlin free climbing 1

berlin free climbing 2

berlin free climbing 3

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Sagrada Familia, Spain

spain free climbing 1

spain free climbing 2

spain free climbing 3

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Cologne Cathedral, Germany

free climbing germany 1

free climbing germany 2

free climbing germany 3

free climbing germany 4

free climbing germany 5

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