14 Things You Will Never Be Too Old to Do

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As you grow up and become an adult society tells you to 'act your age'. For those that choose to adhere to such rules there is still hope as there are always things you can openly do still and not be judged, regardless of how old you are. Here are 14 things you will never be too old for.

1. Making Stuff out of LEGO


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2. Watching Cartoons

family guy

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3. Popping Bubble Wrap

popping bubble wrap

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4. Water Fights / Snowball Fights

water fight

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5. Watching Disney Movies

disney movies frozen

6. Building Sand Castles

sand castle

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7. Playing in Arcades


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8. Jumping on Trampolines


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9. Wearing a Onesie


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10. Putting Stickers on Things


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11. Dressing up for Halloween


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12. Enjoying the Wonders of Swivel Chairs

swivel chair

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13. Sliding around in Your Socks

sliding in socks

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14. Building a Fort


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