22 Pranks That Got Taken Way Too Far

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There are pranks and then there are these. Pranks that got taken way too far and have turned into some kind of sick joke. How could people be so mean!?

1. This gift wrapping.

funny pranks 1

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2. This monstrous combination.

funny pranks 2

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3. This attempt at creating a real "oh shit" moment.

funny pranks 3

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4. This office prank that also gives the receiver the responsibility of looking after goldfish afterwards.

funny pranks 4

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5. This really horrible friend.

funny pranks 5

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6. This TV show idea.

funny pranks 6

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7. This untrustworthy nephew.

funny pranks 7

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8. This attention grabbing windshield leaflet.

funny pranks 8

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9. This person who doesn't give a damn about their friends personal hygiene.

funny pranks 9

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10. This dad who has really thought things through.

funny pranks 10

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11. This lethal combination that totally ruins two of your best childhood memories.

funny pranks 11

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12. This. This is not how it's supposed to happen.

funny pranks 12

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13. This totally inappropriate use of LEGO.

funny pranks 13

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14. The worlds most despicable act.

funny pranks 14

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15. This well crafted and calculated plan to get people chewing on Play-Doh.

funny pranks 15

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16. This picture of a cat in a microwave. Seriously!?

funny pranks 16

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17. This ridiculously well done but totally out of order prank.

funny pranks 17

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18. This completely useless gift.

funny pranks 18

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19. This teacher who knows how to get his students to pay attention in class.

funny pranks 19

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20. This guy destroying a little kids hopes and dreams.

funny pranks 20

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21. This classic prank taken to an epic scale.

funny pranks 21

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22. Whoever created this box of disappointment.


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