23 Incredible Photos of Earth and Space

All of these photographs won various categories of the Astronomy Photographer of the Year 2013 competition. Even if they are from 2013 that doesn’t make them any less mind blowing. Here are 23 incredible photos of earth and space that will blow you away.

1. The Milky Way and a Lighthouse Light up the Nights Sky

Photo by Mark Gee

2. The Aurora Borealis over GrøTfjord in Norway

Photo by Fredrik Broms

3. A Quadruple Halo around the Moon Caused by Ice Crystals in the Atmosphere

Photo by Dani Caxete

4. Comet Panstarrs Photographed from Norway

Photo by Fredrik Broms

5. Perseid Meteor Shower Photographed from Wyoming

Photo by David Kingham

6. Solar Corona

Photo by Man-To Hui

7. Sunspots on the Suns Surface That Are about the Size of Earth

Photo via Alan Friedman

8. Moon Passing In front of the Sun in an Annular Eclipse

Photo by Jia Hao

9. Saturn at Opposition

Photo via Damian Peach

10. Comet Lemmon, a Globular Cluster and the Small Magellanic Cloud All in One Photo

Photo by Ignacio Diaz Bobillo

11. The Rising Moon Creating Silhouettes

Photo by Mark Gee

12. The Milky Way Photographed from the South Sister Volcano in Oregon

Photo by Ben Canales

13. A Star Forming Nebula 450 Light Years Away

Photo by Adam Block

14. A Cluster of Stars at the Centre of the Orion Nebula

Photo by László Francsics

15. Rho Ophiuchi Dark Nebula and Antares Nebulae

Photo by Tom O’Donoghue

16. Starburst Galaxy NGC 253

Photo by Michael Sidonio

17. A Photograph of Galaxies M81 and M8, Both of Which Are 12 Million Light Years Away

Photo by Ivan Eder

18. Globular Cluster Omega Centauri

Photo by Ignacio Diaz Bobillo

19. The Final Few Seconds of the Transit of Venus in 2012

Photo by Sam Cornwell

20. The Milky Way

Photo by Jacob Marchio

21. The Orion Nebula

Photo by Samuel Copley

22. Windows District in Arches National Park, Utah

Photo by Eric Dewar

23. Crescent Moon

Photo by Jacob Marchio

Photos courtesy of The Royal Observatory Greenwich

h/t buzzfeed.com

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