26 Names Only a Truly Terrible Parent Would Name Their Child

The BabyCenter’s annual baby-naming survey has compiled a list of the strangest baby names of 2014. When reading the list we couldn’t help but feel sorry for the kids and also wonder why normal names just won’t do anymore!?.

Here we have put together a list of the 26 most ridiculous names. You can read the full list here.

1. Audi (Girl)

Image via rs246.com

2. Bender (Boy)

Image via fanpop.com

3. Castle (Boy)

Image via wikimedia.org

4. Chia (Girl)

Image via amazon.com

5. Denim (Boy)

Image via ilovefreestyle.com

6. Dior (Boy)

Image via mydailysweet.com

7. Dodge (Boy)

Image via caradvice.com

8. Harbor (Girl)

Image via wikimedia.org

9. Heavenleigh (Girl)

Image via photos4.meetupstatic.com

10. Hennessy (Girl)

Image via grapewineshop.com

11. Hershey (Boy)

Image via townnews.com

12. Lorde (Boy)

Image via billboard.com

13. Linux (Girl)

Image via mag.com

14. Mahogany (Boy)

Image via distractify.com

15. Neo (Girl)

Image via ggpht.com

16. Nivea (Girl)

Image via beiersdorf.com

17. Nixon (Girl)

Image via theatlantic.com

18. Onix (Boy)

Image via wikia.nocookie.net

19. Rhythm (Girl)

Image via djtechtools.com

20. Sea (Girl)

Image via createapk.com

21. Simba (Boy)

Image via wikia.nocookie.net

22. Stormie (Girl)

Image via wired.co.uk

23. Vino (Boy)

Image via centralohiowine.com

24. Wolf (Boy)

Image via firstpeople.us

25. Yolo (Girl)

Image via godguysandgirls.files.wordpress.com

26. Zeppelin (Boy)

Image via 4.bp.blogspot.com

h/t distractify.com

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