28 Breathtaking Views You’d Only See If You Were a Bird

These breathtaking photographs prove that if you could choose to be any animal on earth, even just for a day, you would almost definitely choose to be a bird. Looking down from above at some of earths most amazing landscapes is truly awe-inspiring.

Photo by Monemvasia.gr

Photo by Apple Maps

Photo by Unknown

Photo by Michael Weber

Photo by Aurelien Billois

Photo by NASA

Photo by Unknown

Photo by Tim N

Photo by AirPano.com

Photo by Mike Tolstoy

Photo by Jim Richardson

Photo by Cameron Davidson

Photo by Unknown

Photo by archive.4plebs.org

Photo by Yann Arthus Bertrand

Photo by photobucket.com

Photo by thezooom.com

Photo by Jason Hawkes

Photo by SysaWorld Roberto Moiola

Photo via imgur.com

Photo by Beng Lieu Song

Photo by kangaroozy.com

Photo via imgur.com

Photo by Hai Thinh

Photo by airpano.com

Photo by all-that-is-interesting.com

Photo by Kacper Kowalski

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