30 Cool and Creative Bookmark Designs

For those that love reading but lead a busy life there is nothing more frustrating than losing your place in the book you are currently reading. Thanks to these 30 cool and creative bookmark designs though that will never be a problem again. Now you can lose yourself in an amazing story rather than lose your spot on a page.

1. Lamp Bookmark

via Peleg Design

2. Witch Legs

via Etsy

3. Hippo

via Peleg Design

4. Help Bookmark

via designboom

5. Be Right Back

6. A Bookmark that Shows You the Exact Line You Were On

via 25togo

7. Zip Bookmark

via Peleg Design

8. Bookmark Lamp

via Damjan Stankovic

9. Interactive Bookmarks

via icoeye

10. Grass Page Markers

via Yuruliku

11. Cassette Bookmark

via connectdesign.co.kr

12. Blood Bookmark

via Kyouei Design

13. Sprout Bookmark

via Amazon

14. Rose

via etsy.com

15. Cup of Tea

via kbutkowski

16. Halved Pets

via Michela Tannoia

17. Dragon and Knight

via Heather Alstead Design

18. Birds Bookmark

via zowieso.com

19. Fox Bookmark

via lonnies.dk

20. Penguin Bookmark

via kbutkowski

21. Birdy Bookmark

via designsponge.com

22. Read

via kbutkowski

23. Shark Bookmark

via Etsy

24. Goldfish Bookmark

via Etsy

25. Little Girl Cartoon Paper Clip Bookmarks

via emi

26. Magnifying Camera Bookmark

via Amazon

27. Dalmatian

via kbutkowski

28. Whale Bookmark

via kbutkowski

29. Feather USB Bookmark

via geeky-gadgets.com

30. Hook Bookmark

via magazin.com

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