Owl Bar Opening in London to Raise Money for Owl Conservation

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Similar to the owl cafes in Tokyo, London will soon be getting its very own owl bar in which Annie the owl and a few of her friends will be spending the week in a secret location in Soho, London. Tickets cost £20 and you also get two cocktails included in that price, but with more than 43,000 people interested in visiting the owls there will be a ballot to decide on the lucky few who actually get to visit.

The bar will be open from March 19-25 from 8:30 PM until 2:00 AM.

More Info: annietheowl.comlocappy.com

Soon there will be an owl bar in London that lets you hang out with owls whilst sipping on a cocktail.

owl cafe london 1

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Because owls are nocturnal the bar will let you hang out with them at night.

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Professional falconers will be on stand by to tend to the owls every need.

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Some of the other owls that will be joining Annie the owl:

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The bar will only be open for a week to make sure the owls don't get too stressed.

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All money raised will go towards a new owl aviary being built by the Barn Owl Centre in the UK.

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