20 Terrifying Birthday Cakes That Will Make You Fear Growing Older

Birthdays are supposed to be fun and happy, but if you were unfortunate enough to receive a birthday cake this terrible, that probably wouldn’t be the case. Here are 20 terrifying cakes that will make you fear birthdays and growing older.

They might be made of sweet cake mixture an icing, but just look at how terrible they are…

1. This Bloody Mess.

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3. Cat Litter Birthday Cake.

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4. This:

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5. This:

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6. This Really Bad Birthday Cake.

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7. This Birthday Cake Message.

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8. Turd Toilet Birthday Cake.

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9. This Ass Cake.

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10. This Disgusting Vomit Mess.

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11. Danny Devito Birthday Cake.

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12. This Birthday Cake Wants To Play A Game.

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13. Birthday Cake For Twins

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14. Road Kill Birthday Cake

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15. This Lamb:

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16. This Message:

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17. This Fungal Foot.

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18. This:

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19. The Human Centipede Birthday Cake.

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20. Poop Cake.

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