22 Magnificent Albino Animals That Look Beautiful Without Colour

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These 22 adorable albino animals look even more magical without any colour. Albinism is a broad term used to describe various genetic disorders that have an effect on the pigmentation of skin, with many animals affected by the disorder being born with white or pink skin and fur.

As you can see from the photos below, sometimes animals look truly magical without any colour whilst others (such as the squirrel) look slightly terrifying. Our favourites are easily the white tiger, lion and rhino, they really do look otherworldly.

1. Turtle

2. Zebra

3. Peacock

4. Albino Lion

5. Reindeer

6. Alligator

7. Lioness

8. Humpback Whale

9. Deer Family

10. Hedgehog

11. Albino Doberman

12. Gorilla

13. Penguin

14. Kangaroo

15. Rhino

16. Snake

17. Raccoon

18. Squirrel

19. Tiger

20. Stag

21. Moose

22. Albino Peacock

via boredpanda.com