21 Pictures That Perfectly Sum Up Accidentally Opening Your Front-Facing Camera

We have all been there, you go to take a picture and accidentally flip the camera and all of a sudden you are instantly reminded of how unattractive you look. You open your camera and you see…

1. This:

via @ItsArdnassela_

2. Or this:

via @Tishaa_XO

3. Or this:

via @CuteAnimalsBaby

4. This:

via @PandaInSp4ce

5. This:

via @Lukey140701

6. This:

via @b4rbiedoll

7. This:

via @oyewaffle

8. This:

via @5sosmilingpics

9. This:

via @xtrashlord

10. Or this:

via @dakotakarenw

11. This:

via @brandon_dtucker

12. This:

via @heyitslindaa

13. This:

14. This:

15. This:

via @BabyAnimalGifs

16. This:

via @sexysvithun

17. This:

via @Shareef_Boy

18. This:

19. This:

via @Maddie_Wallie

20. This:

via @mianfaisal135

21. This:

via @CorrinaRossetti

via buzzfeed.com

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