27 Cats That Have Made Terrible Life Choices


These cats have made some terrible life choices that have resulted in some pretty hilarious photos and GIFs. Here are 27 cats that have made terribly poor choices.

1. This cat that doesn't know how to get out of this.

funny cat photos 1

Image via reddit.com

2. This cat regrets jumping into the kitchen sink.

funny cat photos 20

Image via imgur.com

3. This cat who got into a fight with a blind and lost.

funny cat photos 2

Image via imgur.com

4. This cat for getting in this box.


Image via reddit.com

5. This cat.

funny cat photos 4

Image via imgur.com

6. This cat that wanted to take the duster for a walk.

funny cat photos 5

Image via imgur.com

7. This cat who's just not cut out for yoga.

funny cat photos 21

Image via imgur.com

8. This cat.

funny cat photos 6

Image via imgur.com

9. This cat that is scared to let go right now.

funny cat photos 7

Image via imgur.com

10. This cat who doesn't know what to do next.

funny cat photos 8

Image via reddit.com

11. This cat will think twice before jumping into an open box next time.

funny cat photos 9

Image via imgur.com

12. This cat that is being eaten by the sofa.

funny cat photos 10

Image via imgur.com

13. This cat who has decided that gardening is not its speciality.

funny cat photos 11

Image via imgur.com

14. This cat who has now realised that just because you can doesn't mean you should.

funny cat photos 12

Image via imgur.com

15. This cat who has decided that human toys suck.

funny cat photos 13

Image via imgur.com

16. This cat who is trying to figure out how to get out of here.

funny cat photos 14

Image via imgur.com

17. This cat who doesn't know what to do next.

funny cat photos 15

Image via reddit.com

18. This cat regrets ever getting on the swing.

funny cat photos 22

Image via imgur.com

19. This cat was just looking for an afternoon snack until...

funny cat photos 24

Image via raddatz.cc

20. This cat who thinks its found a new type of window.

funny cat photos 16

Image via reddit.com

21. This cat that took on a roll of tape and lost.

funny cat photos 17

Image via reddit.com

22. This cat followed its owner into the shower.

funny cat photos 25

Image via imnothuman-imarobot.tumblr.com

23. This cat thought a bag would be a safe place to hide.

funny cat photos 26

Image via iwantnoname.tumblr.com

24. This cat thats having second thoughts.

funny cat photos 18

Image via reddit.com

25. This cat who thought it would be safe to relax in the kitchen.

funny cat photos 23

Image via iraffiruse.net

26. This cat has clearly been eating a little too much lately.

funny cat photos 19

Image via imgur.com

27. And this cat that thought it was suddenly too cool for doors.

funny cat photos 27

Image via bunnyfood.tumblr.com