28 Signs That Your Cat Is Plotting to Kill You

Cats can be curious creatures. One minute they are all fluffy and full of cuddles, the next minute they seem like they want to kill you. Here are 28 signs that your cat is plotting to kill you.

1. When your cat looks like this:

Photo via reddit

2. Or you walk into a room and see this:

Photo via boredpanda.com

3. If your cat looks like an evil mastermind.

Photo via sorgama

4. If you are reading this book and this is your cats reaction:

Photo via boredpanda.com

5. If you get home and are met with this:

Photo via imgur.com

6. Or if everyone else is happy and your cat looks like it hates everything, especially you.

Photo via imgur

7. If your cat likes to creep on you like this:

Photo via imgur.com

8. If you’ve recently given your cat a bath and this was its facial expression:

Photo via imgur

9. If your cat has eyes this evil:

Photo via boredpanda.com

10. If your cat looks at you like this whilst you eat:

Photo via imgur.com

11. If your cat looks at you like this:

Photo via reddit

12. Or if your cat starts acting like this:

Photo via tessa.lv

13. Sometimes the signs won’t be so subtle.

Photo via melanieee

14. Other times you’ll just be met with a disapproving look.

Photo via imgur

15. It might be time to start hiding that book up.

Photo via boredpanda.com

16. Because your cat will know that you know its evil plot.

Photo via mandino788

17. And things could start to get pretty serious.

Photo via boredpanda.com

18. Evil stares intensify. Biting begins:

Photo via imgur

19. Some might still try and play it cool though:

Photo via imgur

20. Some will be constantly disgusted with you:

Photo via Chiaki Higashino

21. Whilst others won’t even try and hide how much they hate you.

Photo via imgur.com

22. Still plotting, waiting for the perfect moment.

Photo via boredpanda.com

23. Not even christmas can cheer this cat up now.

Photo via Hulya Ozkok

24. Your cat will become even more grumpy.

Photo via yanabanana

25. It will start trying to source a murder weapon… such as electrical wire!

Photo via imgur

26. And when you least expect it…

Photo via IamNotJoe

27. Maybe even in the bathroom…

Photo via Anna Gottlieb

28. Your cat will strike.

Photo via Kary

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