30 Tinder Profiles That Took Weird to Another Level

These Tinder profiles are so strange that they might just work.

1. Andy the thug.

2. Melissa the demon.

3. Rachel the #hipstercat.

4. “Praise the cage.”

5. Casey.

6. This:

7. Becky loves balls.

8. Christopher knows what he wants.

9. Glen just keeping it majestic.

10. JD, a medically confirmed badass.

11. This guy is giving you two options.

12. “I’m everything your mother ever wanted you to date and some.”

13. “The asian for any occasion.”

14. Jack. A true philosopher.

15. Straight to the point.

16. This guy has had some amazing experiences with drugs.

17. Sydney knows exactly what she wants.

18. This bunny who promises absolute compatibility.

19. Just being honest:

20. “I’m the blonde, don’t worry.”

21. The life of the party.

22. Cassie just wants to be a slug.

23. This guy has a serious obsession with cookies.

24. This guy:

25. Jake appreciates the finer things in life.

26. “Call me apples.”

27. This guy:

28. “Honestly, i’m just here looking for my parents.”

29. “ET is love. ET is life.”

30. This guy:

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