32 Stunning Photographs Taken with the iPhone 6

As smartphone cameras continue to improve, the photos taken with them are becoming increasingly impressive. Apple have put together a selection of their favourite photographs taken with their latest model the iPhone 6. Whilst the iPhone may not boast the most megapixels, it’s almost unrivalled in terms of all around performance – a fact proven by these 32 stunning photographs.

Photo by Dan C.

Photo by Andrew P.

Photo by David K.

Photo by Brendan Ó.

Photo by Jirasak P.

Photo by Cielo D.

Photo by Renee M.

Photo by Satoshi H.

Photo by Paul O.

Photo by Gabby K.

Photo by Dawn D.

Photo by Cole R.

Photo by Paul O.

Photo by Chris C.

Photo by Markus S.

Photo by Sawyer K.

Photo by Cole R.

Photo by Cory S.

Photo by Andrew T.

Photo by Robyn W.

Photo by Teppo K.

Photo by Steven I.

Photo by Hyeong Jun K.

Photo by Sawyer K.

Photo by Noah W.

Photo by Shan L.

Photo by Ahmed A.

Photo by Hattan A.

Photo by Jun I.

Photo by Alastair B.

Photo by Kim G.

Photo by Sarah P.

Source: apple.com

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