20 Incredible Before and After Photos of Rescued Cats

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Although cats can be total jerks at times, there is no denying that they grow to become more like another member of the family rather than just a pet.

Anyone that has a cat will understand that they are loving, majestic animals which is what makes these images so sad yet happy at the same time. Although it's tragic to see these cats looking so bad, it's incredible to see their transformation.

Some of these cats were literally on the brink of death, but thanks to the love and care they have received from animal shelters and their owners they have been nursed back to health.

1. Justin was injured in a fire. Here he is before and after.

2. A box of kittens was found abandoned with only one living but blind survivor. Here she is 6 months later.

3. Bunny had multiple injuries caused by electrocution. Just a few months later he looks great!

4. Mr. Biscuits was looking for warmth in a car engine but the car drove away. He was left badly burnt however he's now made a full recovery.

5. This little kitty was found almost dead, but just a month later she's doing great.

6. Before and after being rescued.

7. Kodama was found with a severe wound but 6 years on she's a gigantic happy bundle of fluff.

8. Louie was found on the streets at just two weeks old. Now he rules the house he lives in!

9. Before and after being rescued.

10. Utopia was found drenched in the cold rain without a home. Now she has a roof over her head and is more happy than ever!

11. This is Stuart Little before and after he was nursed back to good health.

12. Stray cat Scout has been completely transformed since being given a home.

13. Literally found in the gutter, Spyder was rescued and now has a loving home.

14. Tyrion had a very bad eye infection but now he is an adorable ball of fur.

15. Duncan was found in the middle of the road, but just a year later he's happier than ever.

16. Benny the Siamese before and after.

17. This is an incredible transformation.

18. Just a month after Bea was found on the side of the road after being hit by a car, she is almost back to normal.

19. This is Elenaor, found in a dumpster and badly injured. Look at her now!

20. Everything turned out perfectly for this little kitty.

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