Artist Takes R-Rated Films and Turns Them into Children’s Book Illustrations

Josh Cooley is a talented storyboard artist who has many years of experience working for Pixar Animation Studio and his work has helped to create classic movies such as Up andThe Incredibles. 

Now he is just about to release his first book  which features iconic movie scenes and moments illustrated in the child-like disney style that he has spent years perfecting. The result of this project is a brilliant mashup in which the adult world of R-rated films meets a child’s picture book.

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Fight Club

The Blues Brothers




2001: A Space Odyssey

The Road Warrior

The Big Lebowski

American Beauty

A Clockwork Orange


The Terminator

The Godfather

The Graduate

The Professional

The Godfather Part II

The Shining

The Silence of the Lambs


Die Hard


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