Artist Turns Deceased Loved Ones Ashes into Beautiful Pieces of Jewellery

Artist Merry Coor has been creating beautiful glass beads for almost 15 years now, however last year everything changed when she received a request from a couple who had recently lost a close friend.

The couple asked Coor if she could incorporate some of the ashes of their friend into a bead to remember them by and since then Coor has been creating memorial ash beads for others who want to remember passed loved ones.

“My bead making now gave me a new purpose, and a way to honor others, both living and passed,” Coor writes on her Etsy page.

Each piece is hand made. The process works by melting glass and forming it into a round bead, the ashes are then added into a spiral design on the bead and then the whole thing is set in a clear layer of glass. The end result is a beautiful piece of jewellery.

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