Blind Man and His Armless Friend Have Planted Over 10,000 Trees in China

For the past 10 years, a blind man named Jia Haixia and his friend who is a double amputee, named Jia Wenqi, have been replanting trees in Yeli Village, northeastern China to try and revive the once baron landscape.

Haixia was born blind in on eye and lost sight in the other due to a work related accident. Wenqi also lost both of his arms in an accident at just 3-years-old. The two of them leased 8 acres of land from the government and started planting trees to try and protect their village from flooding.

Haixia and Wenqi have been planting trees in Yeli Village, northeastern China, for the past 10 years.

Wenqi lost his arms in an accident at just 3-years-old.

Haixia was born blind in one eye and lost his sight in the other in a work related accident.

Together they make a brilliant team.

Over a period of more than a decade they estimate that they have planted more than 10,000 trees.

Haixia climbs the trees to get the best cuttings.

He then plants them.

And Wenqui waters and looks after them.

Together, they have helped prevent the flooding of their village.


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