Born Blind, Smiley the Golden Retriever Becomes a Loving Therapy Dog

Meet Smiley, a Golden Retriever born without eyes and raised in a puppy mill. Despite being born blind, Smiley is so happy and motivated that he has now found a new purpose in life as a therapy dog for the mentally ill and disabled.

Smiley sees patients on a weekly basis. The photographer behind the session you see below is Stacey Morrison, who said that Smiley bumps into things quite a lot and doesn’t always know when to stop running towards you, other than that he’s just like any other fun and loving pup.

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Smiley the Golden Retriever was found in a puppy mill by Joanne.

Smiley was born without eyes and had them sewn shut to stop infections.

This affects him from time to time. Sometimes he will bump into things, but that doesn’t stop him from smiling.

Joanne just had to adopt this adorable and loving pup!

Smiley now works as a licensed therapy dog for the mentally ill and disabled.

Smiley is capable of spreading happiness to pretty much everyone, some of his patients only ever smile when they see him.

And you can see why. How can you not smile at a face this cute!?

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