Meet Hulk, Possibly the World’s Biggest Pitbull and Still Growing!

Weighing in at an incredible 173.4lb’s (78.6kg), Hulk, a pitbull from the U.S. is a professional and dedicated guard dog that obeys his owners every word, which is just as well considering the size of him. Despite his appearance Hulk is actually a big softie who loves to play with all the family.

It’s thought that Hulk is possibly the largest Pitbull in the world, but to his owner, Marlon Grannon, Hulk will always be priceless and despite breeding police dogs for a living Hulk will be here to stay with the family.

The family put so much trust in Hulk that they are happy to let 3-year-old son Jordan play with him.

Hulk can even take Jordan on short rides.

Hulk at meal time. As you can imagine, he requires quite a bit of food. He eats 4lbs of ground beef everyday with special supplements.

Hulks owners are professional guard dog trainers who breed police dogs.

Despite possibly being the worlds biggest pitbull…

Hulk is just like another member of the family.

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