Stray Dogs Show up at the Funeral of the Woman Who Spent Years Caring for Them

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Margarita Suarez was kind to every animal she came across, something that would later become apparent at her own funeral when a group of stray dogs unexpectedly showed up to pay their respects.

In Merida, Mexico, she was well known by those who live locally for feeding stray dogs that would gather at her door every morning, as well as carrying food with her to feed animals she met when going out.

The dogs apparently followed the hearse carrying her coffin all the way from her home and only left once her body was taken away to be cremated.

After Margarita passed early this month her family members attended her funeral, but they were met with a surprise as some unexpected guests showed up.

stray dogs attend womans funeral 1.jpg

Staff were unsure on what to do when the stray dogs showed up, but they quickly realised the dogs just wanted to be close to Margarita one last time. 

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Margarita would feed the stray dogs every morning at her doorstep and would even carry food with her when she left the house to feed any other stray animals she might meet.

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This proves just how loving and loyal dogs really are.

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