24 Incredibly Real Struggles Everyone with a Phone Will Understand

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When you spend your life attached to your phone, life can be hard sometimes.

1. Where is u?

2. The terror!

3. The kind of friends you really need.

4. Cannot. Stop. Moving.

5. Anticipation.

6. Too soon.

7. Don't let it slip.

8. The dreaded three dots.

9. Special agent.

10. Actually having to think.

11. Scariest. Thing. Ever.

12. Charging at all costs.

13. Send out a search party!

14. Are you serious right now!?

15. Nothing scarier than your own face.

16. Dead.

17. Terrifying.

18. The BURN.

19. Panic.

20. Caught in the middle.

21. He wasn't ready.

22. Charging.

23. What was that?

24. Green bubbles.