This Fox Rescued and Raised by Humans Now Thinks He Is a Dog

Todd the 11-month-old fox was rescued by his owner Emma D’Sylva as a young fox cub and has been living as a domesticated pet alongside two other dogs ever since.

Apparently Todd pretty much thinks he is a dog, going for walks on a leash and even waging his tail when it’s time to eat.

Todd and Emma met each other when Todd was just 4 months old.

Todd thinks he’s just like Emma’s other two dogs and enjoys going on walks.

“He will run up to me wagging his tail when I go to feed him and roll over to have his belly tickled”

Todd gets along well with the other dogs and wants to be just like them. He can’t do everything they can though. Todd is deaf so can’t be let off his lead.

Emma says “He’s really getting used to things now and I’m looking forward to letting more and more people meet him.”

Todd has even started venturing out to do school visits. Apparently he’s a huge hit with the children.

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