Hilarious Drawings Reveal What Your Cat Really Thinks

If you have ever wondered what your cat would say if it could speak then wonder no more as these hilarious comics are brilliantly accurate, imagining what your cat is thinking in situations every cat owner will be familiar with.

Although we can’t be entirely sure what cats would say if they could talk, it’s hard to believe they would be anything but rude and grumpy.

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You know nothing, human.

“I did want to come in, but then I remembered you lived here.”

“Right after licking my ass.”

“Still don’t like you that much though.”

Bad breath.

Get a life.

I wanna be a dragon now.

Making some home improvements.

That will teach you.

“I won’t be told what to do.”

Be gone!

“I’m a cat. Idiot.”

“Did you have to come back?”


Source: catsass.me

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