18 Parents Who Trolled Their Kids in the Funniest Way Imaginable

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Although parenting is a tough job, that doesn't mean it can't be fun as well. These parents know exactly how to have a laugh, even if it is at their children's expense. Here are 18 parents who trolled their kids in the funniest way imaginable.

1. "Friend went to Disney World and posted this pic. His parents responded."

2. "My dad said that the dog got my room after I left for college. This is the photo he sent me."

3. He asked for 'cold hard money' for his birthday.

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4. "My parents used to tell us that if we didn't bath we would turn into a mushroom just like our brother. They included the mushroom in the family photo album."

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5. Parents should take note of this. It's pretty damn clever!

6. "There was a murdered in my hometown who was reported to be on the run. I messaged my parents to ask if they were ok. This was their repsonse."

7. "I thought my parents had got me an iPad for christmas..."

8. "I wasn't sure whether to laugh or cry."

9. This guys dad decided to copy his sons Facebook photo.

10. The get along shirt.

11. "As soon as I moved out, my photos were quickly replaced..."

12. "My parents made me stand under this sign when I was younger."

13. "Mum found my 'vase' and decided to put some flowers in it."

14. "I asked dad if I could take $10 for gas, he said sure, it's in the top drawer of my desk."  

15. This keeps him busy for hours and hours.

16. "My parent's always insisted that they loved us all equally, but that seemed pretty hard to believe sometimes."

17. Teaching his girls a lesson.

18. He made his daughter wear this top to school for a week to punish her for coming home past her curfew.