18 Struggles Every Dog Owner Will Understand

Dogs are probably the most loyal and loving of pets which is why they have earned themselves the title of ‘man’s best friend,’ but they don’t come without their problems.

From trying to eat food without being ambushed to giving them a bath, here are 18 struggles that every dog owner will understand.

1. Every time you eat something your shoulder gets A LOT heavier.

Image via Distractify

2. Mentioning the words ‘outside’ ‘walk’ or ‘food’.

Image via imgfave

3. Thunderstorms.

Photo via discovery

Thunder buddies!

4. Bath time is pretty much the end of the world.

Photo via dawggonegood

5. The “No pets in the bed” rule is damn hard to enforce.

Image via animals-photos

6. And when you do let them into the bed.

Photo via 1funny

7. Letting them roam freely whilst out walking always results in something like this.

Photo by Bruce Bennett via mnn

8. Going to the vets. He knows what’s up.

Image via Imgur

9. Letting your dog in and out of the house. 100 times a day.

Image via dailypicksandflicks

10. The slowly diminishing supply of socks.

Image via abovetopsecret

Getting ready for work in the morning is getting more and more difficult by the day.

11. Trying to go on a holiday and your dog knows somethings up.

Image via Imgur

12. When you hit the snooze button the dog is always there as backup.

GIF via Tumblr

13. They will happily drink toilet water yet they get fussy over what they eat.

Image via petguide

14. You have more photographs of your dog than you do of your friends and loved ones.

Image via Instagram

What else are you going to post on Instagram!?

15. Your dog choosing only the most inappropriate times to lick its private parts.

Photo via sodahead

In front of your family members and friends or in the middle of a busy public place.

16. Feeling like a terrible human being when your dog looks at you whilst you eat.

GIF via YouTube

Must. not. give in.

17. Missing them more than you miss family members when you go away.

Image via supertintin

18. They will always be your baby, no matter how big they get.

Image via brainjet

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