25 Geeky Parents That Took Their Newborns Photoshoot to the next Level

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Sure, photoshoots for newborn babies are supposed to be all about the baby, but there is never any harm in adding in some props too, just ask these 25 geeky parents. 

Rather than go for a simple photoshoot these parents have decided to start their children young by introducing them to the world of geeky comics, books and movies. The result is some of the cutest newborn baby photos ever.

1. Princess Leia

2. Baby Spock

3. Mario

4. Ninja Turtle

5. Baby Jedi

6. Harry Potter

7. Flash!

8. Baby Ewok

9. Baby Yoda

10. Baby Noob Gamer

11. Fairytale Knight

12. Baby Spiderman

13. Olaf From Frozen

14. Batmobile

15. Baby Hobbit

16. Batman & Wonder Woman

17. Alice In Wonderland

18. Doctor Who

19. Baby Luke Skywalker

20. Baby Luke

21. Snow White

22. The Cat in the Hat

23. Monsters, Inc.

24. Bookworm

25. Superman

via boredpanda.com